Thursday, December 27, 2007

my post

Hi! I'm in North Carolina. We traveled from like 2pm till 10pm! I was TIRED! Then by the time we got to our family's house, we talked, then my uncle (who loves to eat ice cream like every night we're here) asked if we would like to have some at like probably 11:30 or so at night. Then his wife asked Caroline if she wanted to open presents. Well, of course Caroline said yes. So, we opened presents probably like at 12am. Then they started talking again! By the time I got to sleep, it was close to like 2am. Yesterday I got to see Caleb Hallam! (Esther's new nephew) He's adorable! Well, I'm not really sure what else to say, so I think that means that I should stop. So have a WONERFUL New Year!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Hey! Merry Christmas! Friday my grandma, grandpa and my Uncle Tim, Aunt Julie, and my cousins came to our house for Christmas! I got a Juke cell phone! I also got the boots I wanted. That night we went to the Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo. Then Saturday we went to downtown Cincinnati and saw a train set, and went shopping :) Then we went to Larosas!! Today, my parents went to the jail t0 minister while we stayed with Mrs. Hyatt and whatched movies. Then we went home and did our Christmas! I got another MP3 player. When my grandma gave me my cell phone, it had an MP3 player on it, so my mom already had the MP3 player she bought for me, and that's how I got 2 this year. Right now we are at a friends house getting ready to eat soon! O fun! JK Well have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hi! Tonight we went caroling with our church! It was cold but we survived! Well our family's coming Friday! YEH! Merry Chrimas!

P.S. Esther, did Pablo ever get you that purple elephant?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hey sorry. You are going to have to scroll all the way down to look at my pics.!!!! :)
Hey guys!! :) I'm at Kyla's house right now! I just got done from sitting in a church sancutuary in the dark for like a hour and a half!! I think we're going to eat Subway sometime! Did some of you guys get snow this morning? It was snowing really hard this morning but then it turned to rain or sleet nearing the afternoon. I think we're supposed to be getting some more snow tomorrow! Well, here are some pics. of Kyla and me! (some are of us being GoOfY)

P.S. no surprise huh?


Friday, December 14, 2007

Hi I'm back! My dad wanted me to come with him home so yeh. Anyways, it was fun! ( I mean Tues. night) Tonight we have a rehersal at church then tomorrow I have to practice for Sun night and I get to go to Kyla's house. Well, have a WONDERFUL day!

P.S. Esther, be sure to let Pablo know that you really want a BIG ORANGE ELEPHANT!!! I know how much you've been talking about Pablo getting you one for your birthday!
hi everyone! Christmas break is alreay here for GBS. Last night we had the Christmas play. It was quite embarrasing for me because at the begining (when the bands and all that stuff played) I was in all of them except one!!! So, I went back and forth to each thing! Hopefully I won't have to do that next year. Tuesday night was the banquet. Esther was supposed to match with me but it didn't work out. :( It was alot of fun though! And, they had really good food!!!! I got $10 from the school! If you're 13 and above you get $10 instead of a gift. The younger kids get a gift from their parents and then Mr. Avery gives it to them that night. Well, I'll post later because my dad is in a hurry so by! :)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

What have I done so far today? I went to high school band this morning, played for band, played for kindergarten, went home to do some school, went to lunch, helped with the TOPS news-letters, and came to the library. Tonight, we have a performance and Esther and I are going to wear our Christmas outfitts! We got them at JCPennys and we got the same one so we can match! I'm excited! Well, better get back to World Geography!

P.S. I'm learning about the U.S.A!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

I forgot to tell you guys that Esther and I are going to be leaving next week for Mexico. So, you can send your fair wells to my house by Monday of next week. And I also forgot that I won't be able to go to my volleyball game tomorrow night because we have a banquet to go to. I'll try to take pic then I'll also try to put them on this pittiful blog of mine. Well have a WONDERFUL DAY!!!


hehe just kidding about going to Mexico. Just ask Esther about it! :)
Sadly the Christmas play is over. I'm not really sad though. Last night was the last performance. We had worked so hard! My teacher (the one I used to have) came a played in the play every night! Plus, her teacher (Mrs. Mander) and Mrs. Mander's sister came also and played in it every night! Last night the violin section was totally awesome!!! I found out though that they are going to audition next month and they picked this night marish song!!! (at least some of the piece) So, I will probably be in last chair again!! BOHO! By the way, Esther and I are blogging together (we were) again!! We're sapposed to be doing schoolwork so I should probably get off! And by the way again, I'll try to got to my volleyball game tomorrow night and then I'll let you guys know if we won or not! So, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray that we WWWIIIIINNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Go Titans!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Guess what I found out yesterday???? My dad is going to take me on a plane to North Carolina next semester!!! I've never been on a plane in my whole life! I'm kind of scared but in a way I guess I'm excited! Tonight I have to play in the orchestra and plus the next two nights! If I was in choir I might would be more excited but orchestra can be fun sometimes! One of the cool songs we play is White Christmas! I thinks it's kind of a tradition. At least I don't have to stand up there like poor Esther with all those burning hot lights on you like almost or alot of the time. Anyways, I don't really know of anything to talk about anymore so I guess I'll just quit. BY!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Only 3 more days of pracitcing with Christmas band. :( I'll miss it once everything is over. Right now I'm at the library (no really??) on the computer. And tonight I'm probably going to a party!! YEH!! And then off to a volleyball game!! Just pray that we win both games tonight PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just came from eating beef stew and lemonade and desert plus I think my time is probably up. BY! :)

P.S. Go Titans!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Hi! :) Can you guess what I did today? I was getting ready to fix pancakes this morning for breakfast. I put the skillet on the surface and I turned it on to what I thought I was sapposed to turn it on to. I had put a glass pan aside so I could fix the pancakes and I accidentaly turned on that one (the one with the glass pan on it) I was mixing the stuff to fry it or bake it whatever and then something EXPLODED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It the was glass pan!! I was standing practically beside it! I didn't get cut anywhere though. That's not the first time I've tried to get breakfast and a glass thing exploded! No joke! Well, I abviously had band practice today. And I also had a violin lesson. And school. :) JK Well, have a nice day!

P.S. Whoever reads my blog should come for our performance this weekend! That's pretty much what all this band everyday stuff is for. It's amost over though.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Hi! :) Did school today. Played violin today. Ate lunch today. By!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) Last night I went to the mall, went to play practice with Esther, got a Frosty, and went to Walmart. Doesn't that sound like I had adventerous night? I love the mall! That was one cool thing about last night. And by the way, thanks Callie for your friendship! At least you make a comment! lol Guess what? If I take my last test for this pace, I will have gotten my pace done in 3 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (actually it's not a very long pace) but still!! That's pretty good for me. :p Well, I'm not sure were my mom is and I need to do school so I probably should go look for her at lunch. (just thought I would let everyone know that) JK


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Go Titans!! Our team LOST BOTH GAMES!!! last night. :( (probably because they had me on the team) Right now I'm on the computer (obviously) and babysitting. And I also went to Esther's house last night too. We tried to call the radio station that was playing Christmas music and request the hippopotomus song but it was busy like almost all the time. We were dissapointed :( Yeh. Last night was pretty much a discouraging night. I have an undiscouraging story or whatever you want to call it though. Our old teacher moved away to Ireland this year and so she hadn't been in band since last years rehersal! But, she came this morning and I didn't even know she was coming! It was really cool to have her back! Well, Esther's post yesterday was pretty much a puzzle. If any of you guys figured it out, just leave a COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And by the way Esther, I think that you could factor that Algebra problem some more! lol

P.S. just let me know if you need to borrow our calculator! lol

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Beware!! Esther's probably going to write on her blog about my ice cream cone explotion! Actullay it wasn't really an explotion. I wrote something funny about her so she's allowed to get be back! I'll just let her tell you about it though. Tonight I'm sapossed to have a volleyball game and Esther wants me to come over to her house to put up Christmas decorations!!!! YEH! Hopefully I'll be able to go. Next week is going to be so so busy! Monday I'll have two practices and likley more. Wednesday I'll have two practices again plus a dress rehersal which is like 1500 hours long. (not really) Thurs I have to baby sitt for a long time! Fri night, Saturday night, and Sunday night is the play! I really like it when the band plays in the real, actual performance! It is so so cool!! And by the way if Esther is saying anything wierd on her blog just remember that she's had a couple of really,eally bad days!!! Well, Merry Christmas and Happy Hannakah!!!! :)

Monday, November 26, 2007

my hippopotomus

Today my friend Esther gave me my Christmas present! I gave hers to her early so she had an excuse to give me mine early. (and I bet she couldn't wait! lol) She gave me a jacket with hippopotomuses on it! (is that how you spell it???) Anyways yeh. That was only one of the things she gave me and I didn't relize at first that she gave it to me as a joke! And, today I was eating jellosalad (she won't be happy with me for saying this) and I told her that it was figgy pudding! She had never tasted figgy pudding before so she asked if she could try some. I was even laughing before she got it in her mouth and she still never got it! So, after or while she was eating it, I told that it wasn't figgy pudding! She wasn't to happy with me. So yeh. That was one of the really funny things that happened today! And it was really nice to be with her again after more than a weekend. Well, I'm going to sign off so my time won't run up. So, have a WONDERFUL rest of the DAY!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody! I'm in Southport, Indiana with my cousins, grandma, grandpa, and close friends! I have eaten so much it's probably not even funny. We finally got our van back yesterday! And by the way, our van was alot lighter than I thought it would be! Yesterday while we were on our way to pick it up, I didn't have one clue how we were going to do it! It turned out to be fine though. :p ok, please forgive my craziness. Well, don't really have much more to say on here so have a WONDERFUL rest of a THANKSGIVING DAY!

P.S. and 1 more thing, go Colts! I think they're playing tonight.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

hello. I know it's been like forever since I made a post. So you'll just have to forgive me. I went ice skating with Esther and a bunch of people fri night and it was a blast! I was really thankful that I had gone a thousand times before that night. Esther and I went out with the band to St. Marys, OH and Decature, IN. We were so, so tired! Mon. Zach and my dad went to see, hopefully the president to be, and actually shook his hand! I didn't go. For one thing I was tired and I had quite a bit of school work to do. And today we are going to IN for Thanksgiving and to pick up (thankfully I'm not going to do all the work! :P) our van in IN also. We have been driving a 15 passenger van which was rather embarrasing! Well Happy Thanksgiving to everybody! And thankyou sooooo much Esther for leaving a comment! :p anyways, by!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Hello! Well...................Fri. I did school and went shopping. (I know I really need to get used to not shopping every weekend) Sat. I babysat then we went to Metamora in IN and then we took my cousin Alisa out to do errands that night. Sun. we had church then a babtismal service and church again. Mon. I did school, went to band twice. Tues. I did school, went to high school band, and had no volleyball game that night. Wed. I did school and we went to church. Today, so far I've gone to band, took a test and did some other school work, ate lunch, and some more things. Well got to go!

Friday, November 2, 2007

hello! I just took a test in Biology. At least some of that is over. Lets see, what have I done so far? I gone to band two times this morning, then lunch, some violin practice, now school and leaving a post one here. Last night, our family watched facing the giants (it's a movie) and it was awesome! I love it! Today, hoepfully we can go shopping! So cool! Well, I wish I had an exciting story to tell you guys. :( Chritstmas and Thanksgiving are getting close and that's exciting! Hopefully we'll go to Indianapolis for Thanksgiving. Also, you guys should come to GBS's Christmas program which is really cool. And does anybody ever even read my blog anymore?? ok so long!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Sorry. I didn't mean to have two freezing posts!

Freezing pic!

Hey everybody! I got pic taken today. It was high school band and choir pic. This morning was band and it was FREEZING!! At least I didn't have a brass instrument or something. Then at 11:15 it was choir. That took forever. At least it wasn't FREEZING FREEZING our there. Well I really need to go do tons of school work so by!
P.S. I'll post later

Freezing Pictures!

This morning we had high school band pic. It was FREEZING outside! At least I didn't have a brass instrusment! It was like everything you touched was an ice cube. Then at 11:15 I had to go to choir pic. No more pic today PLEASE! Hopefully the next time I have a pic, it won't be with my uniform on. There was at least one thing I forgot to tell you guys about. On Thur. my friend Marjie (who now lives in GA) suprised me at my house. I was in my room doing school, and my brother was talking like somebody was here that he knew I would be excited to see. I finally came out to see who it was and it was MARJIE! I was so happy! She wouldn't tell me in our emails when she was coming! So, I had some kind of a clue that she was going to be here someday. Well, have tons of school left so I better go do it! BY!

Monday, October 29, 2007

forgot to tell you about my 3 item shopping spree lol

Hey! Guess what happened last Sat.? I had $30 and I mom, Alisa, and I went to KY to shop and stuff. Well, we went to the mall and I got (another) pair of cute sunglasses! Shoes, which I actually kind of needed, and a purse. It was on sale and it didn't seem like I had a black purse so why not? And don't forget, I got gum and it was gone in a week or less. Well lets see, do I have anything good to tell you guys that I done instead of crazy stuff? I guess it's just me. Anyways, have a WONDERFUL school day!

Youth Challenge and other stuff

Hey everybody! Guess what I probably forgot to tell you in my last post. I had a volleyball game. And we also lost both. So there you go. I also went to Youth Challenge this weekend and it was fun! I wanted to go Sat. really badly and Esther and I were at her house just haning out feeling sad, then her mom called and found us a ride! We were so, so excited! I wish it was this week too! Well I have tons of school left so by!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This subject can just be subject

Hi everybody! Lets see, when was the last time I posted? Saturday? Probably. Well Sun. I went out with band. We went to KY and IN. I got to see my grandma and grandpa and my little cousin, Peyton. Mon. we had to get our pic taken with the band that morning and my fingers were freezing! The violins and violas had it pretty easy. Well, it seemed like I had done something really cool since I last posted. I can't think of it though. If any of you guys are going to Youth Challenge, you can make me a comment and let me know. Thanks! See some of you tomorrow!

Friday, October 19, 2007

um just give me one by making a COMMENT!

Hello. Sorry about my last post. Somebody wanted to get on the computer so I have to go fast. So yeh. I went to the hayride. We had to roast our own marhmellows and hot dogs. The fire was really hot though. O well. My mom and dad are going some where tonight, so our cousin in staying with us until tomorrow. How fun! Well, I'm not really sure what to write about next except I'm going to go out with the band Sun. Really cool!! Well signing off!

P.S. I almost got a pair of shoes Sat. (thought you guys would really be excited to hear that JK) lol

Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's harvest time!

Hey! Yesterday, I was dying to go to the hayride. It sounded like so much fun! Guess what? I got to go! We took up like 15 or 20 min. just figuring out who was going in the van! Well it took almost and hour to get there and we played volleyball in the barn, roasted hot dogs and marshmellows, had a devotional, and a hayride! That the fun! well gotta go by!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

my weekend

Hello everyone! My weekend was fun. We had Homecoming (as I have told you already lol) my friends, Callie, Loree, Esther, and Kyla were here and it was fun! Well I should have more to say. Callie coming tonight! And, I have soo much school to do so by!

Friday, October 12, 2007

my friend is here!

This is going to be a short post ok? My friend Loree came! We're here in the library and on the computer. (no of course not lol :P) well so long!

homecoming is TODAY!

Hello everybody! Homecoming is finally here! (well not quite yet) but sort of. It's already been a fun day. I had practice this morning then we went to the mall to pick up some suites and stuff for tonight. After that, I waited for Jr.'s mom to come and pick him up then it was off to another practice! Well, I'll post tomorrow or next week! BY!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

How about you just leave a comment and let me know

Hello, how are you? Today I had a violin lesson then I went with my mom to clean and was gone for like 4 or 5 hours! I might get another babysitting job! And,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,tues. I'm getting my pic taken! Carolyn Evens (my mom cleans for her) is a photographer and has two little boys. So, hopefully she'll ask me to babysitt for her sometime. Well, my fingers are stiff becuase I'm cold. It was like in the 90s this week and yesterday it was like winter! It was cold today too, and I've been freezing most of the time in our house! (for some reason, I'm like the only one in our house that was cold) We're going to get some heat on though! Well, Homecoming's tommorow night!!!! I get to play my violin (instead of singing in the choir some :( o well. It'll probably be really fun! There's a song I LOVE that we're playing and singing. I'm not going to say though because you'll just have to come and here us! hehe lol Well have a WONDERFUL freezing day! (for all of you who live in Cincinnati and Northern KY) and for the rest of you have a WONDERFUL (whatever it is there) day!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

um, lets see

ok hopefully this color green will look ok. Well, my cousin Andrew wanted me to keep this updated but I always don't have anything cool to talk about. Esther came over again today and did school. Then we went to here house, practice, and lunch. Practice was really cool today. You'll just have to come this Fri and hear us! Which I know Callie, Esther (of course she's singing), Kyla, and Loree are going to be there. Yeh, Loree's coming! I was so excited! I haven't seen her in a while so it'll be neat to see here again! Well, I've got to do my World Geography so I'll post later!


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

no subject really

yesterday Esther and I were doing schoolwork together! We had so much fun! And, today we've done school together for a long time! (almost done with school for today) that long! Well like I said, won't really have an interesting post till after this weekend! BY!

Monday, October 8, 2007

another intersting post JK

today has been practically another normal day. Sorry, but I won't have really that much to talk about till this weekend! It's HOMECOMING!!!! For some of you who don't know what that is, alumni from GBS come for Friday and Sat. and they have a fest and a concert here. It's cool!!! Well I found out from my friend last night that she's coming!! I was so excited!! I'm here at the library, sapposed to be doing school but instead right now I'm on the computer. Actually I have my English in my lap right now. I'm doing off and on. Well I'll post later!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave a comment!!! I promise I'll leave a comment on some of your guys'. ok goodby!

Saturday, October 6, 2007


Guess what? I tried to put pic on my blog today but it didn't work. :( (becuase I didn't have the right cord) Well, hopefully SOMETIME!! I can. Yesterday, I got more CLOTHES! I was really excited. I know I'm so bad at wanting alot of clothes. Last night I played volleyball which was alot of fun. I kept hitting it so hard that it would go out of bounds. (well we were only playing half court) I'm not really sure what we're doing the rest of the day. I do know though that I still have school which I'm dreding. Like Biology (study for a test) and likely other stuff. Ok well PLEASE PLEASE leave a comment!
*KC* :)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

my shopping spree hehe

Hello. I know this blog probably isn't the most interesting without pic. but I promise to get some on here sometime. Anyways, tonight I was dying to go shopping. So, Alisa, my mom, and I went to Goodwill. I only got a turquoise shirt. They had a really cute skirt and purse (bag whatever you want to call it). The purse was black and pink with a k on it. And I don't normally see one with a k. Hopefully I can get it Sat. because it might be half off. Actually, I'm really wanting to go to the Wool Festival Sat. Well I over at the library again! (like my 3rd or more time over here) O well. Probably won't be over here much tomorrow. (hopefully I'll be playing volleyball or something fun tomorrow night) Well I'm posting off!


I have so much school work to do :( I don't really even have 1 subject done. Yesterday night we went to church and I did school and band, and today I did band. After that Esther and I started coming home and she forgot her key. So we went back then she couldn't find it. O brother. She finally got it though. Then, she decided to come to my house to do schoolwork. Then she remembered that she had to go clean with her sister at 9:00. (too many thens) But I still didn't go home. She wanted me to come to the laundry room with her because she didn't like going by herself. Then,,, I finally went home. After that I had breakfast, school, (a algebra test), babysitting and lunch. And now I'm at the library. (with Kyla) YEEHH! Anyways, hopefully this post isn't too bad of one. Post later. And please,please,please leave a comment!

P.S. I'll have a more exciting one after this weekend!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

a mistake

By the way, in the post, not sure, there was a mistake. One of the sentences was sapossed to be don't have anything better to talk about. (or something like that) and, my lab is probably the most interesting. lol ok BY
P.S. hopefully would can get that

not sure

Hello, how was your school day? Well lets see, mine was pretty much normal. Today I whatched one of my labs in biology and they did a bullfrog. DISCUSTING!!!!!! Thankfully I wasn't doing it. Actually, I probably couldn't. After my biology, I went to choir. Although I didn't really need to be there because I won't be singing with them until next semester. :( I would really like to sing at IHC and Homecoming with them but I have to play my violin with the band. We're singing some cool songs though. (You'll just have to come to IHC and here to hear us) (let me know if you didn't get that right) ok I don't really like this post but I don't really have lol Well I'll let you go. BY!
*KC* :)

another one of my days

Hello!!! My life hasn't had a very exciting one yet! Except last night we had a fire drill here at school. It was sapposed to be a surprise one, but anyway that's pretty much the most intersting thing I've done around here so FAR! Well gotta go!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Just my day so far

Hello! So far toady I've had 1. high school band 2. Algebra 3. babysitting 4. English 5. World Geography 6. and now I'm wanting to find my dad so I can eat LUNCH!!! And I still don't have any PIC on here!!! ( you guys would be lauging so hard if you knew what I was talking like in my mind while I was writing that lol) Wel anyways, have a WONDERFUL rest of the school day or whatever you are doing. BY!!

Monday, October 1, 2007

just some post

Hey. Just putting a post in here. By the way, too bad I didn't go canoeing Sat. You know Esther, we probably would have been a better canoe of I was in there too. I'm sure it would be pretty interesting with Callie in there!! (I'm just being funny Callie) GRRR! Why didn't I stay and go????????????????????????????????????????????? Somebody leave me a comment and answer my question!

my weekend at KY

Hey guys!! How was your weekend? Mine was tiring. We went (as I have told you millions of times) to KY to that resort. The cabin was alot cooler than I excpected! It was a three story cabin. And it was also beutiful out there! We took so many pic so if I do ever put some on here, it probably won't be all of them. To bad. Well, we also took Alisa and Malcom down with us, and while we were there, we celebrated my cousin's 14th birthday. My cousins Arallien and Anna (from Corsica) were down there. He's soo cute!! And my other cousins, Johnson,Amy,Wyndam,Wesley, and Dalton (some more adorable little cousins) came for some of the day. Sat. I was really tired and ended up falling asleep again. (I probably stayed up being to crazy that night) And if Arem would have stopped throwing that pillow at me (clear your throat) Anyways, I think Arem ended up falling asleep and Zach just couldn't fall asleep without doing something to Alisa. Then the next morning, there was a pillow fight! OUCH! Just to warn you, don't ever get in one with Arem. He will win. Well, today has been a pretty normal day. I'm STILL not done with school YET! Well I'm signing off!


Friday, September 28, 2007


Can any of you guess what I'm doing right now? I'm typing on the computer at the library! I have been doing my schoolwork over here, (my mom went to do some errands) and I have to watch my little sister. And by the way, I got a job! It's a good ol'e babysitting job. I've had experience. Actually, I should be getting payed pretty good. Then, I'll be able to buy some clothes when I want to, instead of asking my mom, or wanting to save up for something I like and want to get. Today, I had collage band this morning, then I did Algebra, English, redid my hair lol, and then some New Testament survey. Then after all of of that, I had to go to another band practice. And by the way, I can't get off until I tell you guys this. I got like 5 headbands yesterday from Limited Too! They were having a great sale on some of the hair stuff. I got a hot pink one, a white one, a striped one, and I forget what you call the design but, I got 2 of those. (whatever they are) pink and brown, and purple limegreen and probably another color. Well I'll probably have a more interesting post after this weekend. BYBY!

My new blog

Hello to one and all! I got a new blog! Thankfully. I was having problems getting my password to work on my old one. So, I guess I'll be posting mostly on this one. By!
P.S. I'm going to be gone this weekend at a resort in KY with family!