Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hello!! I'll be surprised if anyone will even read this post since I've taken so long to post. lol :) Just kidding. Everytime I've tried to post again, something would come up and I would have to stop.
My cousin Olivia went from high school to collage this past Friday. We were there for it at her school. It was in Indiana at Southport High School. She prayed at the begining of the ceremony and led the pladge of alligance. She did an awesome job. We stayed over there for a couple nights with my grandparents and left on Saturday. Yesterday (Memorial Day), I did school while Adam helped Zach and Caroline put up our pool. We were going to go to a Youth Symphony concert but it ended up raining so we just stayed home and did whatever we felt like. lol I work off and on the rest of the day. Well, my times up so I'd better quit.
Have a good summer!

P.S. please pray for my dad while he's in Northern Ireland and coming home Thursday!