Friday, September 28, 2007


Can any of you guess what I'm doing right now? I'm typing on the computer at the library! I have been doing my schoolwork over here, (my mom went to do some errands) and I have to watch my little sister. And by the way, I got a job! It's a good ol'e babysitting job. I've had experience. Actually, I should be getting payed pretty good. Then, I'll be able to buy some clothes when I want to, instead of asking my mom, or wanting to save up for something I like and want to get. Today, I had collage band this morning, then I did Algebra, English, redid my hair lol, and then some New Testament survey. Then after all of of that, I had to go to another band practice. And by the way, I can't get off until I tell you guys this. I got like 5 headbands yesterday from Limited Too! They were having a great sale on some of the hair stuff. I got a hot pink one, a white one, a striped one, and I forget what you call the design but, I got 2 of those. (whatever they are) pink and brown, and purple limegreen and probably another color. Well I'll probably have a more interesting post after this weekend. BYBY!

My new blog

Hello to one and all! I got a new blog! Thankfully. I was having problems getting my password to work on my old one. So, I guess I'll be posting mostly on this one. By!
P.S. I'm going to be gone this weekend at a resort in KY with family!