Thursday, January 29, 2009

Let it Snow! Let it Ice! Let it freeze us all!

Merry late Christmas! lol Cincinnati's weather has been awesome this week! We have gotten probably 7 in. of snow. (to be honest I'm not really sure how much) lol Plus we have ice on the trees which makes them beautiful! The ACA high school and academy are on their 3rd snow day and collage had 2 snow days! I've had 2 part snow days, but today I finally went back to my full load! Tuesday I went sledding twice with Adam and some other girls from GBS. We had fun! The first time we went there was just snow and it was like you were sledding under the snow instead of on top of it! Then we got the ice after that and we tried to go sledding again. I'm so in the mood to go right now! lol Wednesday, I got up at 11 something in the morning, ate brunch, and Esther came over to do school and whatch a movie. The Great Escape! So sad but the actors can be funny at the same time! Esther and I laughed at a part where a guy had a brief case that he wanted to escape with, and we thought that was about as bad as us wanting to take our purses with us! lol lol :p Aren't we hilarious? You probably would have to watch the movie if you're not sure of what I'm talking about. Well, I'm probably just rambling on about nothing so I'll quit! Got to do English and Speech anyway. FUN FUN FUN!!!! JKJKJKJKJK!!!! lol

Friday, January 23, 2009

Hello! I just decided to put a recent post on here so some of you who don't get to see or hear from me that much can know what I've been up to. My brother, Zachary, had surgury last Friday. He's had a very hard time recovering, but I think the worst is about over. He has a very hard time eating anything becuase his throat from the tonslectemy is swolen and it hurts to get anything down. I'm sure that he would love it if you would pray that he recovers soon! Today, which is Friday!, I'm going to go with Esther to Kenny's b-day party and then hopefully I'll go play some volleyball or something. :) Tomorrow, Kyla and I are going to go shopping at the Florence Mall! And eat lunch together. She's turning 15 years old so she wanted to do something for that. This past week has been mainly my normal life schedule. I've made losts of progress in my Physical Science and Algebra is coming kind of slowly. It'll feel so awesome to have everything done for the summer! (of course that'll be a little while) lol O and by the way... last Saturday, Adam asked me if I wanted to go to the collage banquet with him! Of course I said I did! So, maybe while I'm shopping tomorrow, I can look for that too! Well, that's all for now! Have an awesome and warm weekend!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Well, since I didn't get any comments on my last post, I'll try again. lol (I guess my blog has become quite boring) Sometimes my writing skills are just plain blah and sometimes my life feels like just plain blah! This week GBS is in revival with Bro. Maloyed. He's done a great job and we've really enjoyed him. Last night I had Teen Power 2 prayer meeting, today I have a violin lesson, I'm also missing choir today, I had creral for breakfast, I'm playing a duet with Rachelle Wolf tonight, tomorrow I have Teen Power, Friday Zachary is have surgury, Saturday we're going to Indiana, and we haven't gotten any amount of snow that they've predicted. Thank you! That's all for now! Katrin

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Well, I decided to post an all written post instead of a picture post this time. My life has consisted of school life and other stuff. I started school on Tuesday and I'm already not so excited about it. :( I started speech this semester so I'm not sure what all I'll have to do with that. Hopefully I won't have to speak in front of anybody but my family. :o It's actually snowing today! It's very pretty. I wish we would just get a bunch of it so we could go sledding and not have to worry too much about school! (this probably is going to sound quite random). O and by the way, my volleyball team won last night! (even though I did quite horrible lots of times) I also got to spend time at Esther's house on Monday after days that we haven't done much together!
Adam redid my blog after the Christmas one, but stupid me, I tried to change my template, and I messed it up after trying that. And...of course I would have no idea how to fix it so I just got one from Pyzam. Anyways, this is my post for 1-7-08. Happy Valentines Day! :) <3

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Better pic of me! lol

I'm not really sure what to post about, so I'll just put another pic of me. :p