Thursday, July 2, 2009

My work out vacation!!

Well guess what!! I'm finally thinking, "well you know what? I think I'd better post on here before the whole world starts neglecting my blog!"
I'm not sure where to start! My dad got back from Ireland safely and with lots of suveneiors! He had seen and done so much that he talked alot after he got back!
On June 5th Malcom and Alisa got married! (For some of you who don't know them, Alisa's my cousin) They were married somewhere near Lexington, Kentucky.
They were such a cute couple. :) I had the funnest time getting ready for that wedding. I ended up doing a lot of the brides maid's and flower girl's hair, so I was doing tons of curling the hair, and burning myself a couple times on the curling irons, and arranging baby's breath and roses in their hair! And I also enjoy rushing around in a hury! (I know, I'm weird)
On June 7th (that Sunday), Alisa's brother, Andrew and his fiance Morgan were married that day! I wasn't in such a rush at their wedding. Adam came along with us, which made it sooo much better!

Monday on the 8th of June, I left for Alabama Youth Camp in Pell City, Alabama! The Burlington church let me go with their youth group. We had such a great time! My team came in second at camp! We were the NINERS led by Tim Mackcen!

I came back home that week, and I helped my family do VBS at my church.
Then the next week, I went calling for the Burlington Church's VBS. I also went a couple nights to that one.

Then this week, I'm on vacation in Maryland and Washington DC!!
We are staying with family then going back and forth to DC. Today was our first day downtown DC. I got to see the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Memorial, Capital building, The White House, and lost more!!!!!!!!!

Well, hope your summer's going well!