Monday, September 28, 2009

So anyways, a quick update. Saturday, I went with Quint and his brother Adam to Delaware, Ohio for a fish fry. It was a rainy, foggy, and cloudy day. Pretty neat though. Neat except for the thunderstorm. That night at my house, I was in my room with homework setting out on my lap, and I heard a boom. I didn't know it was raining so it kind of scared me. I realized sometime later that it was thunder. Well, before the storm happened, (I'm getting ahead of myself) we came back from up near Columbus and we went out to eat with my family at Germantown. It's a pizza type restaraunt. We went through downtown Cincinnati on the way back home. Such an awesome day!
This week I have 2 and half extra days of school off!!!!!!!! YAY!
This weekend, starting Thursday night, my family and I are going to MI! I have some of the most awesome friends there that I'm dying I will be able to see! Anyways, I'm kind of happy right now, so if this post seems too jumbled up, you'll know why.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hey! :)

I know I say this about every time now that I post, but, I know it's been forever! I'm not sure where to really begin. The last time I posted, I was in IN and it was still summer. School started about a week or two after then. I started the 11th grade! Can't believe I'm getting this old! My class is really small, but we're probably the best:) There's eight of us, three boys and five girls. It's so cute because we all have our own little personalities. Anyways, this year I'm taking Geometry, Anatomy and Physiology, American History, Bible, English 3, Choir, Band, Computer, and PE.
September 11, I turned 17 years old! I felt a little different. It's weird that 18 is next. I went to school, went to lunch and they sang Happy Birthday to me. Then right after lunch is geometry and stupid me, I let them know it was my birthday. So guess what? They sang to me again! My birthday was on a Friday. That night, I went to the Cheesecake Factory with Kimberlee Russell and Esther Byer. We also did a little bit of shopping. Then Quint came and spent the rest of the evening with us back at my house. He gave me the cutest pink Aeropostale hoody along with a pink Aeropostale shirt.
Well, I'm going to quit so you guys don't quit on me :)
Later ~Katrin