Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Don't really know what or how to post but Esther thought I was really really behind on my blog so here it goes! School, Adam left :(, high school band is almost over, national day of prayer is coming up, I'm hopefully going on a shopping spree in two weeks (yes yes!), my mom turned 42 yesterday, and I'm in the library getting ready to go home. ttyl! Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

my past week!

Last week was really neat! On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday our family went to Dayton, Ohio for the IHC. I got to see some of my friends that I hadn't seen in FOREVER! My "twin" ( my friend)was there that I wasn't sure when I was going to see her again! On Friday, I was a Very Important Person! lol Known as VIP Day. We got to play volleyball, take a tour on campus, and even go to the top of Carew Tower!!!! Saturday night my family, relatives, and Adam, went to the Collingsworth Video Shoot! It was very cool! This week has been school and playing and hanging out with friends. (don't forget band lol) Well,I hope this post seems longer to you than it really is! lol Have a great day! ~KC :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

just an update!

Hey just giving you an update on how my life has been going. This weekend I babysatt and went shopping. I got a dress, a new Aeropostale jacket, and a shirt for cheap! And today my mom had that party at her house and then my grandparents, and my aunt and uncle are here!!! It's really nice!! Well, I'll see some of ya this week!!!! Very excited! ;) ~KC
P.S At least you don't have to see that movie on Esther's blog of me (or at least I'm in it! )

Thursday, April 10, 2008

my new background

So how do you guys like my new messy background? It almost looks like it has flowers on it but I don't think that's what it's supposed to be. Esther thought I needed to update my blog so that's what I'm doing. I was passing out invataions for this party my mom is having for my great aunt. She kind of figured out that she had porbably invited about 50 or 60 people!!!!! If most of them come it'll be a full house! I'm really looking forward to IHC next week!! I'll be able to see some of my friends that I haven't seen in FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, I have to play on Wednesday night for GBS and on Thursday for the mass orchestra. I'm excited about playing for GBS. We have some really really cool songs that we're going to do. If some of you have been on my holiness MPS recently, you probably noticed the ping pong and the putt putt. Well, Esther and I were out on my front porch today and we got in this thing about Sara asking Zachary to play putt putt with her. Then I mentioned something about me and (??????????it's a secret! lol) asking me to play ping pong. (just thought I would try to explain it to you). I would give me somthing else to say on here. And I just remembered. We had revival last week. It was really awesome! Quite a few people got saved which is the important thing. We had a really great evangelist too. Well, hope you liked my update!!! See some of you next week!!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Back from Tour!!!

Tour was fun!!! (sometimes!) First we went to Peebles,OH and Ms. Marjie came along. So much fun!! In fact, she's still here!!!!!!! The second night we went to Fort Mills (or maybe Scott), SC. Me, Esther, Mrs. Tyler, Esther Gilley, and Jessica Rose got to stay in a really really nice house!!!!!! btw Esther, I found out why we were sore. It was from playing baseball on the wii. We played two games and the whole time it was 1-0!!!!!!!!! I was the one that had 1 point the whole time in both games! On Sunday, we went to Thomasville, NC and Roanoke, Virginia. In Virginia, we stayed at somone's house that had two cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ACHOO! ACHOO!!!!!!!!! I lived though. And I actually got a pill down for once in my lifetime! We were so tired though (because we had stayed up till like 2:00 am the night before) that we didn't finish it! lol I do remember the Animal Crackers in My Soup song though. lol On monday we went to Archdale, NC. The sad thing was is that me and Esther were split up that night :( I was by myself except for my dad and our relatives. We were really cramped that night though in the church. Rachelle's bow almost poke my eye out! Then somebody kept turning off Mr. Wolf's light out on his stand!!! Thankfully we survived that night!! Our last night we were in Charlston, WV. That was the night when we switched!! It was very funny! Me and Rachelle (1st and 2nd violinists) had the flutes, Jon (known as Jonny to some people) switched with the tuba player and the tuba player had his double bass. Then my dad switched with the sound man (Gumby) so, Gumby was at the piano. (would be a disaster if he actually played for us) lol And like Esther sayed, Ruthanne, very quiet, was sitting up in the trumpet section!!! ( I think you would have to meet her to get it) Very fun! Kind of sad when it was all over but there'll hopefully be next year!