Monday, March 23, 2009

Creation Museum weekend!

In the car going back
In front of a garage door!!! lol :p
A mine! JK!
Me and the doggy
the outside part of the museum
Waiting to see the Men in White show
Saturday, Adam and I went with Sherona Mitchell and her boyfriend Brian to the Creation Museum here in Kentucky. It was a fun time! If you haven't been to it, you need to go!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

more photos

Adam and I after the banquet
ready to go to the banquet!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Banquet and Competition

band dierected by Mrs. Dixie Parriman

playing my solo for the judges
Ally, me, and Montessa

playing our duet for the judges

Ezra and Ally, Adam and me, Shawn and Montessa

Adam and me at the banquet. (isn't his tie so cool?)

We got 1st on our piano duet!

me and Montessa Williams
Well, recently I've had a collage banquet and a State Competition. The pics got put on here randomly and I'm not sure how to switch them around. (you would think that after blogging for about 2 years I would know how to do it. lol Slow me.) The banquet was soooo much fun! I wish I could do it again sooner! The man I went with made it so awesome! Then the next morning I got up to load on the bus at 6 something in the morning! :( We were headed to state competition! To make it short, band got 1st place, 24 and full choir got first, Esther and I did a paino duet and got first, I got 1st in my violin solo, Brandon Klotz got 1st in a piano solo, and others got placed it other catagories too. Well, I'm tired and feel like I can't write very well right now so that's all! Have a good day!