Wednesday, August 27, 2008

pictures of camp and one from Iowa

Lorna and me on a terribly hot Sunday afternoon!
sitting in youth service with Mr. Truesdale

Go Pink Panthers!

This last picture is at my cousin's wedding reception in Iowa. The groom gave us the keys and let us go sit in his red convertable MUSTANG!!! So, here I am with my cousin Arem. (and me wearing my ugly sunglasses!) lol

The rest of the pictures are from camp. It was really fun. (even though I was only there for a couple nights and two days) The Demints came with Adam to camp for a little bit which was really fun!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hey everybody! Sorry it's been a while since I've posted. I'm leaving tomorrow for NC and TN! Hopefully on Friday we'll go to Dollywood! I'm really excited about it! Pray that I'll get brave and go on an even bigger roller coaster this time! I think I'd enjoy it! I just wish I could go with my friends! It would be a blast! O well. My family's great too! lol A week ago my family was in Michigan for camp! It was really fun! The weather was awesome compared to here. It was hardly ever humid if not at all. Then we get towards home and it almost feels like you're stepping into an oven. The weather wasn't the best part about camp though. I suprisingly did pretty well with softball. I even played in the stars and stiffs game. There were two other girls on the team. The stiffs beat us though. :( We're still good anyways. lol I also made some really cool friends! Amanda Newport, Elizabeth Forsee,Leana, and Elizabeth Dercheid. Well, hope you liked my post! Have a great rest of the summer!